Crying Earth

Eventually, The world will ask you at your last breath What was your participation for me..

Happy Friendship day

Without teasing Without caring Without love Without quarrel Without compromise Without understanding Friendshipness will never be full filled.. To those people who are giving.. getting.. connecting.. #HAPPY #FRIENDSHIP #DAY


Just I was acting like a Krishn In the stage of world.. She was watching at me Like a moon of Serenity at ease… Kiran Athrey

Just Remember Me

O my dear love..    just remember me..      When you be in sad,   How I shivered in front of you      when i met you at first time,           Which makes you smile…             Then forget me…. Just remember me      When you be in angry, What I cracked unlaughable jokes      when …

A Human

Just ask yourself once,   Who are you..? Just understand once, What to give people        Who  Believes you..? Eventually,       you will be a human…                         Kiran Athrey…

Love your dear one

❤❤❤ #love your dear one Unconditionally.. #love your dear one With genuinely… #love your dear one Unassumingly… #love your dear one Without Expectantly… #love your dear one Always eternally…                    ❤ ❤❤                 Kiran Athrey.