How your Sunday shall be more beautiful.

Follow these steps.

1. Wake up soon, just get rid off all your yesterday’s worries, do some excercise. Walk lonely upto 3 or 4 kms. just you feel your new ideas with raising sun. Just you embrace it with early morning gentle breeze. Feel fresh then welcome your new day.

2. Have some different breakfast wich should be new than your usual days and which should be prepared by you, offer it to your family members and just you say them that I love you all.

3. Visit some holy places like temple or Church, get some divine power or some spiritual inspiration, Wich makes your deed cleanse.

4. Spend some times with childrens then learn something new from them as a kid and teach them something new as a elder.

5. One author says “the best thing for self realisation is traveling” so
If you have a own vehicle or through any transportation like bus or cab then go long ride, that place should be something new. Then explore it.

6. Meet some different people from different places, make them as your friend, listen their stories, and you say them to your stories, if it could possible get some new inspiration from them else teach them something new.

7. Learn something new whatever you do wish like music, dance, any other languages, games, raiding the car, raiding the horse or any other skills. You will get plenty of stuffs just you go through what do you want.

8. Meet your bestest friend or beloved one then spend sometimes with them, share your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and your future plan. Ask or listen from them that same things.

Kiran Athrey