There was a Girl

There was a girl,Her charm was Magnifience,She was havingA Complete Divinity.You could find a godIn her eyes.. There was a girlShe liked to live in hut.She liked to lugh like a babyShe liked towash-out all of our sin.She liked to mesmarizeThe world in her Innonence.She liked us to teachHow to lugh willingly. There was a …

Only you Can

Only you,You can Givethe smileto the world,Onlyyou canTeach themTo be happyForever,AndOnlyyou canmake a smileon their face.Only you can makeThem to live inMost beautiful way.Only youOnly you can. Kiran Athrey

Mine is too worst.

Baby asks. Hold my handIn your affectionate handTell me your generation storyMine is too worst.. Hold my hand tightlyWith your love,I dont scare anythingIn your shelter.Mine shelter is too worst. Give me the clarity of lifeThe way,how you starved,How you lived,With happy, with bonding.But The technology made meNescient now,Cant able to move.Mine is too worst.. …

Just seeking

Seeking the truth  In silence,But truth comesfrom inside of your heart,To make your perceptionmore clear.(inner truth)     Talking with self,    And With the nature.   Truly you are finding    Who you are.. The music mesmarizesTruly you are at bliss..                              Kiran athrey

Earth day…

The chiks,The many unborn livesare awaitingto come on the earth,Not to flow the bloodOn the battle field.Neither to create the artificial worldNor the destroy the existing world too..DearThe many unborn livesare still awaitingTo contribute the nature. Kiran Athrey


Dear love You are not, My love is precious, Waiting for Not to you. Beholding my heart Not for you. You are not Immortal in My vein. because You may go away from me Another few minutes. but Wanting your Craving love As my love, that stays with me forever. ( just a thought )