Top 5 Air Purifier Indoor Plants

1. Snake Plant A Scientific name is the Sansevieria trifasciata is native to Asia and Africa, commonly populated as Snake Plant in Indian country, it looks sword-shaped lives and grows up, often referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue name. The snake… Read More ›



In this world Animal and Human beings are not machines. We all have feelings. You can understand the plant’s feelings too sometimes only when you look into insight or you have to keep the patience to understand it more deeply…. Read More ›

Animals Feel happy

Animal lovers feel happy about human quarantine due to Covid-19. You may have seen roads are fully empty now from people but filled with street dogs, cows, and birds. I can remember the proverb ” Every dog has its own… Read More ›

Save the Reef

“Nepal News and Fun Room -NFR Nepal” which is a page on FB have been published the video of A swan pulling the plastic out of the water, really, it’s such a heartwarming video which has a strong and deep… Read More ›

laugh, laugh, laugh.

When I was scrolling down on Facebook suddenly I got this photo, laugh laugh laugh. Totally 6 idols are there 6 times laugh like how babies laugh, so each one laughs with enjoying. And everyone smile indicates a different meaning,… Read More ›