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love is what..?

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May Be..

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The Postman

Posted: April 12, 2019 in Art, Feelingstories, Life, love, stories, writing

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Two decades back, The technology hadn’t become so much popular, we all were not using mails, Phones, Facebook, and Twitter-like any other social network, I am staying in India as a 1990’s kid,  I have seen both, from un technology to upgraded and I have overcome from the human values slightly turning as the money,  The full of greenery village’s becoming like burning paper, So many forests are filled by buildings, The hills have been eroded by people. Etc, etc.

That time only we have had used letters to communicate one to another, the postman carries our belongings letters to our home, We were eagerly waiting to read it, who had written? and what was the matter in it ?.  The postman roaming one place to another to distribute the letters to the people amidst always he got one more duty that So many were giving the messages him to pass their acquaintances in the next village. Even the postman welcoming their messages with glad, he was enjoying it.

If the postman had come to our home, First, we had offered him some cold water, juice, fruit, etc. This was our way of showing gratitude.  Then at home, everyone had started to ask questions him what they want with curiosity. Like  anna-(we call elder people by this name ) “who has written the letter for us.?” Asked one, another one “ Anna, how are you all in your home?” , “how is Kamali and her family in the next village? recently, she has been married.” , “ Anna, are you met ranjan.? When I met him at last time he told that I take  you to the town on the next vacation”

But now we have advanced technology devices but we don’t have time, We can communicate with anyone across the globe in a fraction of seconds but we have not patience. We can talk to them as sitting in front of each other through video calling before we have not. But that day Postman was there as a messenger who could share all through words, but now we are using emoji. We are making our life so simple with no values, no morals.

Sunny day

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she has to…!!1

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She must have to think…!!!

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Sometimes she creats

Posted: March 3, 2019 in Art, Life, love, poem, writing

Sometimes she creats the situation to recollect all of his memories, and acts like nothing has happened.     

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He Feels Love

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Art, Life, love, writing

He finding out himself in her way of thinking.

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laugh, laugh, laugh.

Posted: January 3, 2019 in Laughing, Life, love, Nature


When I was scrolling down on Facebook suddenly I got this photo, laugh laugh laugh. Totally 6 idols are there 6 times laugh like how babies laugh, so each one laughs with enjoying. And everyone smile indicates a different meaning, No this is not for you that I feel.

The first one is at ease which is finding happiness by itself at bliss and behaving like an old man that I know all as wise.

Second and fifth are the same it seems, they are saying something that we don’t care to anyone, Always we will give a smile.

The third one is sitting and teaching the laugh to us. “ Let us smile, and laugh loudly, no one will make you smile if you don’t find happiness in you”

Forth one laughing like sarcastically, like when we are in an angry mood, then beasty will come and teas us.

The sixth one is completely sacrificing. Pretending like spiritual boy. 😉😉😉

2k19 wishes..

Posted: January 2, 2019 in Life, love


“As we are entering into 2019, please stop comparing and compete  with me in all ’’ he said not by pride, but with sarcasm

“ dear in love, there is no comparison and always pursuing each other dreams with competency.” She said lovely, with accountably.

So after that no arguments, then things get better when two souls get compromised.


Preserve it

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Wordless sunday

Posted: September 11, 2018 in love, Nature, tourism, culture

“I have been to nursery at last Sunday with my friend, where the garden was mesmerizing us. nothing to say, sharing here some snapshots. ”