Painting on my Canvas

I was not an artist to sketch any Portrait, even not a painter to paint it. After long time I tried to sketch of Radha Krishna. Then I had to color it, but I dint have any idea about color mixing. I had been in school, I used to mix the different colors to get …

Happy Friendship day

Without teasing Without caring Without love Without quarrel Without compromise Without understanding Friendshipness will never be full filled.. To those people who are giving.. getting.. connecting.. #HAPPY #FRIENDSHIP #DAY


Just I was acting like a Krishn In the stage of world.. She was watching at me Like a moon of Serenity at ease… Kiran Athrey

A Human

Just ask yourself once,   Who are you..? Just understand once, What to give people        Who  Believes you..? Eventually,       you will be a human…                         Kiran Athrey…

Love your dear one

❤❤❤ #love your dear one Unconditionally.. #love your dear one With genuinely… #love your dear one Unassumingly… #love your dear one Without Expectantly… #love your dear one Always eternally…                    ❤ ❤❤                 Kiran Athrey.