Half Baked Story




No one in this world Without having a teacher in best friend.. …..dear Best friend Teaches us not Only good things But… helps us To come out From flaws.. You know.. We cried.. we were teased Each other.. Dear… You… Read More ›


My Dear No end for love.. Love has no limit.. And Love is a shelter For two souls. love It happens… And Increases the acquaintance of Feelings Without lust… Love always wanting To build the beliefs. Then Heart can’t say… Read More ›

The Truth

The truth is in you is in me, The truth Is Not in congregate, Not in religion The truth Is in your heart, in how you do celebrate The life in each minute. The truth Is not in couple’s love,… Read More ›

The girl

I was a stranger to all I was a stranger to myself.. I was a roaming on the road of thorn.. I was a stronger to The world of my fantasy, With unfeelingness.. With heartless.. One day You entered into… Read More ›