The Presence of you.

I Feel the presence of youBut Love is not happens now yet,Eyes are seeking youAs you are infront of, Truth placed under the lamp here,No worry, that swallowedby madness of you,You are my truth now. The Desparate eveningShouting, Wantingthe truth… Read More ›



Today I feel to share about osteoporosis, some educative articles would more helpful to human life. October 20th celebrating osteoporosis day, Which is an awareness program conducting every year across the globe, let us take this as awareness and spread… Read More ›

Save the Reef

“Nepal News and Fun Room -NFR Nepal” which is a page on FB have been published the video of A swan pulling the plastic out of the water, really, it’s such a heartwarming video which has a strong and deep… Read More ›

Just sharing..

So many times we cannot write everything, being a blogger/writer very hard to write/create a beautiful stuff like what I’m sharing in this post which makes sure to understand yourself first, how you are connecting with the world or within… Read More ›

Reality makes her

Reality makes her more mad whereas Imagination Makes her more strong. But the illusion creates the confusion. #ConfusedLove #HalfLove #Blogger #writinglife #MorningThoght