Made a List out

If you woke up At 4.30 Am on Monday what would you do? Are we clinging to Sunday’s hang out? Then If you would not get sleep in a pandemic of covid situations is it very scary to go outside… Read More ›


In this world Animal and Human beings are not machines. We all have feelings. You can understand the plant’s feelings too sometimes only when you look into insight or you have to keep the patience to understand it more deeply…. Read More ›

Mine is too worst.

Baby asks. Hold my handIn your affectionate handTell me your generation storyMine is too worst.. Hold my hand tightlyWith your love,I dont scare anythingIn your shelter.Mine shelter is too worst. Give me the clarity of lifeThe way,how you starved,How you… Read More ›

Just seeking

Seeking the truth  In silence,But truth comesfrom inside of your heart,To make your perceptionmore clear.(inner truth)     Talking with self,    And With the nature.   Truly you are finding    Who you are.. The music mesmarizesTruly you are at bliss..                              Kiran… Read More ›

Earth day…

The chiks,The many unborn livesare awaitingto come on the earth,Not to flow the bloodOn the battle field.Neither to create the artificial worldNor the destroy the existing world too..DearThe many unborn livesare still awaitingTo contribute the nature. Kiran Athrey