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Hiiiii!!!!!.. I'm a bangalorean. I'm a simple, I'm a visionary, I'm a Ambitious, I'm a swagman wandering barefoot around the beauty of words dreaming to be a writer.

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    “Trust is the root of all our relationships, if we get lost in which, surely relationship dies” Kiran Athrey


    I created you, I created everything for you from my imagination like occultist creates wonderland I nourished, from my counsel like childbed feeds her infant I taught you To give respect for propinquity.. Almost, completed all the lessons of life… Read More ›

  • A Madrigal

    Ho my dear love… Ho my dear angel.. Don’t go anywhere from me.. Stay then here forever with me… Don’t show your crabbed eye Upon my life… Please confer me, be as moon eye Then blow a gentle breeze on… Read More ›