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Hiiiii!!!!!.. I'm a bangalorean. I'm a simple, I'm a visionary, I'm a Ambitious, I'm a swagman wandering barefoot around the beauty of words dreaming to be a writer.

  • New Year Wishes for 2020

    Dear Friends We have been experiencing in every aspect of life in each day and have come across different situations in 2019. Sometimes no words, someday full of worries, sometimes full of Noises either Happy or Sorrows, We felt succeed,… Read More ›

  • Evernote

        Recently I have been through Evernote, probably you’ve heard of it. which is a note-taking app, It would be a wonderful application for your any kind of Smartphones or Laptops, which helps you out to take notes in… Read More ›

  • Osteoporosis

    Today I feel to share about osteoporosis, some educative articles would more helpful to human life. October 20th celebrating osteoporosis day, Which is an awareness program conducting every year across the globe, let us take this as awareness and spread… Read More ›

  • The Baby Saying.

    We can see these kinds of swag people in so many places, they don’t have a home, they move from barefoot one place to another today here tomorrow somewhere even they don’t know, They are striving a lot to earn… Read More ›

  • Save the Reef

    “Nepal News and Fun Room -NFR Nepal” which is a page on FB have been published the video of A swan pulling the plastic out of the water, really, it’s such a heartwarming video which has a strong and deep… Read More ›

  • Quote of Prayer

    just I want to share with you the needs and wants both take a different dimension in our life, the wants always expecting, which creates more imagination in us than fulfill, your heart wants everything, but the needs most essential… Read More ›

  • What could happen if we(Homosephine) don’t have any identity of our own?

    The whole chirping bird can be thrown the many smiles upon us in the morning, the rising sun indulgence the beauty and he would show mercy on us. the whole clouds could take action and make a form of swarm… Read More ›

  • Does intimacy makes us ……………..?

      Today I’m facing a boring day, it’s not moving like any other day because of work pressure, sometimes we feel, need to skip some work from our day’s routine to get some peace, which meant not to go away from… Read More ›

  • Unconditional love.

    There are so many proverbs in the English wiki about love. “Love will find a way” which means if you love your parents, you will find a way how to fulfill their dreams, how to keep them happy forever, similarly… Read More ›

  • why the relationship is spoiled soon nowadays.?

    Often The same questions drilling in my mind because nowadays entire youth turning towards the temporary truth and fleeting lust. there is no compromising nature, already we have thrown it away,  no sacrifice for anything every minute we expect more… Read More ›