Painting on my Canvas

I was not an artist to sketch any Portrait, even not a painter to paint it. after long time I tried to sketch of Radha Krishna. Then I had to colour it but i dint have any idea about colour mixing. I had been in school days i used to mix the different colours to... Continue Reading →

The Poem Comes..

The heart Feels, Takes, the baby's smile. Then The poem comes.. The heart Sees, the two souls enjoying, Romancing in the sky Then The poem comes.. The heart Gets the inner feelings of you Then The poem comes.. The heart Gets anger for your inhumanity. Then The poem comes.. The heart Try to understand you... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

In The yesteryear You have walked On the corner of the dessert with no lamp.. With only blinking stars. Some times with no moon.. Amidst You have found A happiness By mom smile.. As a baby.. You have teared up Lot of pages in your life.. You could write up Something new In remaining pages... Continue Reading →

The girl

I was a stranger to all I was a stranger to myself.. I was a roaming on the road of thorn.. I was a stronger to The world of my fantasy, With unfeelingness.. With heartless.. One day You entered into my life Like a stranger.. Your mesmerizing eyes Drowned me into the romantic ocean... Your... Continue Reading →

Traveling with the time

In this journey We have not found the thing For Something... In history We were stumbled From Nothing to something But We could not had make it something more and more better. The thing Is developed and developing as our perspective, as our culture, as our need.. We are used to live being a human... Continue Reading →

The Meeting

The Meeting In this world, In all the time, Everyone Getting connected With every others.. With Emotionally Sake of love Sake of relationship.. God knows The thought What already exists in their mind. Either To full fill their cravings.. Or To find themselves.. Kiran Âthrey

Troll video clips

Watch out, first time we made simple short video clip. Which belongs to a guy who addicts to watching television serials. One day At late night he watches it with emotionally.

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