In October 2015, I started writing this blog. My first post was “ A Madrigal”  Poem. I didn’t have any idea about What Blogging is, On Which subject I had to write, Subject Context, Categorisation,  style guide, and moreover my thought was who will read my writings?.

        From the past 5 years, I have not written more, just I do share my thoughts as small as simple usually in a quote-form that consists of one or two lines. Being a technical communicator I know how difficult is creative Writing or Poetic expression in words.

     Now is the time to upgrade myself into a particular subject/Domain and continue my contribution to this blog every week with at least one post. You might know any blogger usually who writes on a particular Subject or Domain But I do share my thoughts here as before and work it out on Different domains in Information Technology and post some informative articles.  


    Some 15 thousand views occurred in 5 years. Where do these readers come from? Not surprisingly, because this is a Universal language blog and followed by the US, UK, and Australia. And also I’m sharing my blog post link on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. 

 These Small numbers of views created from only 981 people who are subscribed to this blog, I’m honored for them (you can subscribe by clicking the ‘SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER VIA EMAIL’ button on the right sidebar and entering your email address to receive an email alert each time I post a new article). 

I’ll continue to write posts infrequently.  Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Thank you for reading.

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