Made a List out

If you wake up At 4.30 Am on Monday, What would you do?
will you cling to Sunday’s hang out?, Then If you would not get asleep in a pandemic of covid situation, is it very scary to go outside to maintain your physique or health without wearing a Mask? So like this, Plenty of questions started drilling into my head.
What should I do if I lost the job in this crisis?
How to manage all of my expenses at the end of the month?
Really, will I be the one that faces all of this? No or Yes.
Really, would I get my salary for this month?
Is all of the mine safe from this Covid?
Many of our surroundings, losing their job, what will they do this after?

Such negative vibes would kill my whole day for sure. But I had to get rid of them. Later I made it my best to divert from this Vampire. I went to Wattpad and started reading the stories from different genres, but I didn’t get sleep as if I started reading in my Schooling days. Being a tech writer just I went over so many blogs of Tech writing, I made a list of them out and saved it in google spreadsheets as important links.

(Thank you for reading, have a great week.)

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