Keep Four plants around your home.



Ashwagandha is best known for Neural Protection, Stress Reduction, and a Lot More from an Ancient Herb

The benefits of ashwagandha are many; in addition to promoting fertility, aiding in wound care, and boosting the immune system, some other benefits are:

  • Diuretic, Sleep aid
  • Galactagogue
  • Anti-epileptic
  • Anti-tumor, Pain relief
  • Eye health
  • Heart tonic
  • Lowers cholesterol & Regulates blood sugar
  • Reduces depression and anxiety, Combats stress
  • Fights cognitive decline due to brain cell degeneration

Gotu Kola


The Gotu kola acts on various phases of connective tissue development and stimulates healing of:

  • Ulcers
  • Skin injuries
  • Decreasing capillary fragility
  • Stimulation of the lipids and protein necessary for healthy skin
  • Leaves are thought to maintain youthfulness
  • Crushed leaves are poulticed to treat open sores

The Gotu kola can also be used to:

  • Treat leprosy
  • Revitalize the brain and nervous system
  • Increase attention span and concentration
  • Treat venous insufficiency



There are four types of tulsi mentioned in Ayurvedic texts ie Rama, Krishna, Vana & Kapoor Tulsi.

For over the centuries Tulsi (the queen of herbs) has been known for its remarkable healing properties.

  • Tulsi is taken as herbal tea
  • The oil extracted from the Karpoora Tulsi is mostly used in the herbal toiletry. Its oil is also used against insects and bacteria
  • The Rama Tulsi is an effective remedy for Severe acute Respiratory Syndrome. Juice of its leaves gives relief in cold, fever, bronchitis, and cough.
  • Tulsi oil is also used as an ear drop
  • Tulsi helps in curing malaria
  • It is very effective against indigestion, headache, hysteria, insomnia, and cholera.
  • The fresh leaves of Tulsi are taken by millions of people every day
  • Many people wear Tulsi beads, which is said to have certain physical and medicinal properties.

Amrutha balli 


 Amrutha Bali is known as the queen of all herbs. It is supposed to be the nectar of the god Indra, that’s why it is considered Amrita (pious liquid or nectar). It is used in the treatment and curing of many diseases and known as a panacea for all the diseases and disorders. 

  •  Cures all types of fever.
  •  Stimulates the immunity and increases the antibody-producing cells.
  •  Uses in Infective hepatitis, splenomegaly, and in the last stage of syphilis.
  •  Helps to enhance grasping power as well as memory.
  •  It is quite effective for gastrointestinal disorders like dyspepsia, acid dyspepsia, gastritis, etc.
  •  It helps in the production of insulin and enhances the capacity to burn glucose. It decreases the blood sugar level

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