Auto-heal of the Ozone layer and environment

How could we all are  help the environment to auto-heal of the ozone layer?

At this quarantine time, I hear often the ozone layer getting auto-healed from the non-pollution due to the lockdown for all firms closed across the globe. In this era very difficult to close the industries for a few days or a month in a year too except this time. Just I am sharing some thoughts here to make out healthy and pollution-free our surroundings forever.


thoughts are:-
1. Let us take an example of the Indian population is 130+ crores right now, everyone has to plant a small sapling of trees 2 or 3 in the next few months, saplings get older, plants get multiple of the population and we should think in this way, inspire around us to make true.

2. I heard often in southern India every home has a holy basil-tulsi plant in front of the main entrance. According to Indian mythology, there are beliefs, every day if women would offer pooja for it, her husband’s health and wealth will increase and The Holy basil-Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties, helps in traditional medicine, produces a huge amount of oxygen and which heals the negativity of our surroundings always so we can keep such plants in front of our house or inside (plenty of plants are there we can be kept planting inside and outside of the house to make the good environment of around us).

3. We can distribute the saplings always as a gift in all kinds of ceremonies. We can make one day free ourselves in a month and start plant the saplings to contribute to Nature really which is essential and most important at present and for the future also.
(thanks for reading, have a safe quarantine day, and stay home)

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