Recently I have been through Evernote, probably you’ve heard of it. which is a note-taking app, It would be a wonderful application for your any kind of Smartphones or Laptops, which helps you out to take notes in variety of formats including pictures, audio, video recording, clippings and webpages on your Computers or Smartphones, and also a cloud-based tool, then your notes get synchronized in the cloud through mails or Contacts, you can access the data from any device no need to worry about your important data would be spoiled. you can use both online and offline, but if you are a paid member you can access the application as offline else only online.



   Evernote application is very flexible easily you can understand and the kind of tool neither struggles nor difficult to learn. You can install this app in any OS of Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. or in any browser you can log in by using creating an account like Facebook.  are you a writer.? any stuff makes you inspire at any time? at any place? well if you have a mobile or tablet on your hand you can start writing using this app. if you are a student you can preserve all of your stuff in this application.

thank you for reading have a great day.


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