why the relationship is spoiled soon nowadays.?

Often The same questions drilling in my mind because nowadays entire youth turning towards the temporary truth and fleeting lust. there is no compromising nature, already we have thrown it away,  no sacrifice for anything every minute we expect more from everyone, we want only fun and don’t want to let our relationship grow with intimacy.



We want all only for spending the time in the theatre, party, and pub rather than make every moment memorable.  we know all beauty and a costly gift is not permanent, but we run behind those than understanding each other.

We become greedy, we want to have everything, we get into relationships with partial attraction and step out instantly, loyalty is vanishing in us. feeding ego in our hearts. blah blah blah.

I think so, everything will be washed out in a further generation.
(I try to gather in my next blog post which will have all the information about unconditional love and deep intimacy).

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  1. Oh this could not be any truer. These days, most of the time everything is about fun and not the real stuff that actually makes you feel alive. Fun is for the present and you carry those memories but I think it’d mean a lot more if you carried forward the person you have with which would actually mean something more.

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