It’s election time, all children are on vacation. They are enjoying their life with empty well, waterless river, no greenery, tour road, with some big bonsai trees at home, sitting in front of television, always keeping electronics goods in hand playing some software games than natural things, they all are trained up to celebrate an environmental day in the books not by practical, to feel the forest in the film not in reality. No one listens story from their parents or granny/grandpa because all are busy in their own life, it’s meant no value for relationship.

Amidst the weather is hot and politician’s seat also. In India, where we are ruled by democracy or a ruling by particular parties, whoever will come or already has ruled over a period of time that does not matter, here actually what’s happening that everyone is blaming every each other because everyone wants power and position. Highlighting their own achievements to suppress others, so called this is election time.

Among those needed to rectify a good candidate who can understand people’s pulsate from ground level, who knows what development actually needed in his constituency, who does the right things for people, so we all have a sense, we can elect a good candidate who is having at least some qualities what I say above. Same time we all are blind from cast, religion, region, places to find the truth. And we all are divided by communist, communalist, secularist, this mind-set we all are having right now, Politicians are taking advantage from those.

Now we have an option that is NoTA or ‘None of the Above’ has been provided as an option to the voters from election community in india. A citizen can choose not to vote for any candidates who are contesting the elections. However, NOTA in India does not guarantee dismissal of the winning candidate. Therefore, it’s only a method to give a negative feedback. NOTA does not hold any electoral value i.e. even if the maximum votes are for NOTA, the candidate with maximum vote share will still be the winner.

So eventually we all are confusing, don’t confuse, voting is your rights, being an educated,  vote to right wisely. NOT TO VOTE FOR NOTA

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