Morning Song…

All stars were sneaking down at the west.
The sun was rising up from the east.
I was singing about the love song,
While walking at the road side.
Feeling kind lonesome, then
I have found a girl beside me.
She seemed like you,
And she has gone with nothing.

Morning mist was getting disappearing.
All cows were coming towards me,
I have found a girl among the swarm of them,
But i have seen you in her eyes.
And she has given the smile, then gone.

I started to think about her.
But You have come in my mind.
Then I continued to walk,
Singing the love song about you.
Whispering the name of youuu.

Kiran Athrey

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  1. Awesome… Keep writing 😍👍

  2. Awesome 😊❤ beautiful words

  3. It’s beautiful 💛

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