laugh, laugh, laugh.


When I was scrolling down on Facebook suddenly I have got this photo, laugh laugh laugh. Totally 6 idols are there 6 times laugh like how babies laugh, so each one laughs with enjoying. And everyone smile indicates a different meaning, No this is not for you that I feel.

The first one is at ease which is finding a happiness by itself at bliss and behaving like an old man that I know all as wise.

Second and fifth are the same it seems, they are saying something that we don’t care to anyone, Always we will give a smile.

The third one is sitting and teaching the laugh to us. “ Let us smile, and laugh loudly, no one will make you smile if you don’t find happiness in you”

Forth one laughing like sarcastically, like when we are in an angry mood, then beasty will come and tease us.

The sixth one is completely sacrificing. Pretending like spiritual boy. 😉😉😉

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