Awaiting 2019


In every new year Always we do celebrate with some/someone’s happiness, enjoyments, pub, party, new dresses, drinks, simply roaming around the city whole night with friends, giving some surprise gift to our loved one. Totally we do use a lot of ideas for the new year to make memorable. Sometimes we welcome the new year by burning the crackers, playing some games with friends either relatives or neighbors. We could find a lot of stuff to make ourselves to be happy. And we all are enjoying it.

We have had, went through lots of troubles or sorrows in yesteryear, We could try to hide those, try to forget all those, try to get the right solution for every problem.

Similarly, we gazed the eagle which was flying upon the clouds even unasked thunder comes. We looked up the top mountain which would never shake at the time of the earthquake. We stood up at the bank of the river, but we did not notice how the river is doing its duty diligently without asking from anyone similarly the sun, moon, and trees.

The Narayani insists me sometimes “We always don’t get motivation from any leader/Speaker But we have to adopt some qualities by nature to be a leader”.   Narayani never gets confused about this. Narayani is the fictional character of my blog. Who does not say that I’m a human being rather than try to retention the nature being. Yes, this statement makes us be confused.

Narayani will come up next year as a character in my blog or story to cleanse our perception and give us some inspiration.

Awaiting 2019.

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