Painting on my Canvas

I was not an artist to sketch any Portrait, even not a painter to paint it. After long time I tried to sketch of Radha Krishna. Then I had to color it, but I dint have any idea about color mixing.

I had been in school, I used to mix the different colors to get different one. Sometimes I wondered, which looked more and more beautiful when I applied it on my canvas.

During the painting

The biggest challenge I met how to draw the nose, eyes, lips and eyebrows as it was in a portrait.

That was too Difficult..!!!

Artist can draw it as Beautifully and as nicely But not me.

After sketching it one more challenge I was going to Face..!!!

How to color it….?!!!!!

But I colored it as a worst painter. After finishing up. The painting was really embraced me by its beauty..

Finally, I became an artist.😎😎😎

@Kiran Athrey


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