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Wanting the love of Divine..!!

Wanting the love of Divine..!!

The flower basking
In the field
To find her love with sun
But it would be fed-up in few hours..

The honey-Bee singing their
eternal song in  the flower ear
With chorus of gentle breeze..

Is it only a lust..?
Is that blindness of love..?

The poet still searching,
wanting the love of divine
in permanent…
                          Kiran Athrey



7 thoughts on “Wanting the love of Divine..!!

  1. fascinating

    1. Thnk you..

  2. the best kind of love 🙂

  3. Something same I have written…like this.. but your thoughts are wonderful.. nice thoughts..

  4. wow beautiful poetic expression

    1. Thank you

  5. Positive words

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