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Let live others as they wish


“Live your life as you wish, let live others as they wish”,

We can find beautiful images, beautiful things across the globe, we may cross the beautiful incident or we might be experiencing some positive vibes in a day to day life.

Why can’t we get into inspiration from those.?
Why can’t we spread the inspiration around us?.

Today I saw the image in social networks I attached it above if I find any stuff, which spreads the piece or sends the message to the society that I do share here.
Billions of people live on this earth, We yet to find the place on another planet to live but i know this may sound  very ridiculous, but hopefully, we are behaving like a barbarian, every day we are cutting the millions of trees, Spoiling this nature by our ego and with a bad purpose.
Much needed nowadays that we should help to this nature for the next generation.

Dear friends, do share something inspirational if you found it recently or experienced, have a great day, keep inspiring around you.


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In this world Animal and Human beings are not machines. We all have feelings. You can understand the plant’s feelings too sometimes only when you look into insight or you have to keep the patience to understand it more deeply. Once we connect with them in deep we get the experience of those feelings. So it is a good thing when we are kind to one another with the greatest Affectionate which is the highest level of practicing the true Dharma/Religion that I can call. Only humans can make the entire Nature, the Universe, and all kinds a Smile and a Beauty.



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Immunity Booster for Covid-19

Hello, my dear friends,

I hope you are all doing well in this pandemic of covid-19. Still, we are awaiting the drugs for Corona, this pathetic situation getting ruined us and increasing covid cases every day around us, we pray to the god to come out of this situations very soon. So in these worst days, we all have to increase our immunity on bottling Covid-19, have to take lots of precaution of Covid-19 to break down barriers.
Here are some small tips to improve your immunity, the three essential ingredients play a major role in boosting immunity and defending you against disease-causing microorganisms, and also recommended by Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi jhi recently. those are
Turmeric:- which Is a very strong anti-oxidant, Has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and Lowers risk of heart disease
Black Pepper:- Provides relief from cold & congestion, Promotes gut health.
Cinnamon:- Provides natural, healthy sweetness, Lowers blood sugar levels and Helps fight bacterial & fungal infections
Take these three powder in equal amount put into the boiling water of one and half glass, boil until it turns one glass of water then filter it, have it in an empty stomach in the early morning.

Have a great day, Stay Safe, Be Safe.

if you want More suggestions, find the attached file below.


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Mine is too worst.

Baby asks.

Hold my hand
In your affectionate hand
Tell me your generation story
Mine is too worst..

Hold my hand tightly
With your love,
I dont scare anything
In your shelter.
Mine shelter is too worst.

Give me the clarity of life
The way,
how you starved,
How you lived,
With happy, with bonding.
But The technology made me
Nescient now,
Cant able to move.
Mine is too worst..

Take me to your world,
Then teach me
How to see
the beauty Of earth,
The nature,
How to preserve
All of your happiness
For next mankind

Mine is becoming
Too worst..
                            Kiran athrey

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Just seeking

Seeking the truth
  In silence,
But truth comes
from inside of your heart,
To make your perception
more clear.(inner truth)

    Talking with self,
    And With the nature.
   Truly you are finding
    Who you are..

The music mesmarizes
Truly you are at bliss..
                            Kiran athrey

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Earth day…

The chiks,
The many unborn lives
are awaiting
to come on the earth,
Not to flow the blood
On the battle field.
Neither to create the artificial world
Nor the destroy the existing world too..
The many unborn lives
are still awaiting
To contribute the nature.

Kiran Athrey

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Call The Peace Now…

Shall we do pretend now .
to call only peace
With patience.

And Keep the distance
Between you and me,
Stay safe with the nature,
Unlike soldiers are killing
Each other at the battle
to make their kings a hard party,
Then Shout and call the cloud
To move more near to the peace.

Viruses will make you,
sick and destroy
To only the body,
You can prevent it, but
Not the instinct of you,
Not the environment,

The truth moaning here
but Everything,
had already planned,
Had discussed
in the congregate.

We should Call The peace and
Just we need to pretend now,
As Brothers and Sisters with
Keeping the distance very far

For the nation.
For the future.

From the media toooo..

Kiran Athrey

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The Presence of you.

I Feel the presence of you
But Love is not happens now yet,
Eyes are seeking you
As you are infront of,

Truth placed under the lamp here,
No worry, that swallowed
by madness of you,
You are my truth now.

The Desparate evening
Shouting, Wanting
the truth of light
Just not a light
that Filled with your noise,
Filled with your presence,
Filled with you..

Kiran Athrey

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Auto-heal of the Ozone layer and environment

How we are all could help the environment to auto-heal of the ozone layer?

At this quarantine time, I hear often the ozone layer getting auto-healed from the non-pollution due to the lockdown for all firms across the globe. In this era very difficult to close the industries for a few days or a month in a year too except this time. Just I am sharing some thoughts here to make out healthy and pollution-free our surroundings forever.


thoughts are:-
1. Let us take an example of the Indian population is 130+ crores right now, everyone has to plant a small sapling of trees 2 or 3 in the next few months, saplings get older, plants get multiple of the population and we should think in this way, inspire around us to make true.

2. I heard often in southern India every home has a holy basil-tulsi plant in front of the main entrance. According to Indian mythology, there are beliefs, every day if women would offer pooja for it, her husband’s health and wealth will increase and The Holy basil-Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties, helps in traditional medicine, produces a huge amount of oxygen and which heals the negativity of our surroundings always so we can keep such plants in front of our house or inside (plenty of plants are there we can be kept planting inside and outside of the house to make the good environment of around us).

3. We can distribute the saplings always as a gift in all kinds of ceremonies. We can make one day free ourselves in a month and start plant the saplings to contribute to Nature really which is essential and most important at present and for the future also.
(thanks for reading, have a safe quarantine day, and stay home)

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Do’s and Don’ts in Lockdown days.

A lockdown has been extended up to 3 weeks in India, Today Indian Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji has spoken to the nation, decided for concern people’s health if we look at other countries we can get to know how so many lives are dying every day, So every Indian should take lots of precautions at this time for a healthy nation for the next few days.


We all become self-quarantine and put the self-restriction around us. Always we should wear the mask, Wash the hand frequently, Maintain the distance everywhere, should take care of elders, Wherever is getting an opportunity we must help others by creating awareness and or poor families in every aspect.

Don’t go outside because cops are seizing the vehicle. Don’t split everywhere.
( Have great and healthy days)